QuickBooks Services


Discounted Subscriptions/Licenses

Rockland Pros is authorized by Intuit to offer certain QBO licenses at a discount.  Through Intuit's ProAdvisor Program, discounted licenses are available to Clients and/or Prospective Clients with NEW subscriptions only; discounts are not available to EXISTING subscribers under the current terms of the program.

Rockland Pros offers discounted subscriptions/licenses to those who engage us to perform QBO Implementation Services.  We offer an Initial Setup package, which covers the cost of enrollment into our discount program, for those who wish to perform there own implementations (D.I.Y.).

Implementation Services

Although QBO is designed for the average business person to use, the initial implementation (setup/configuration) requires an intimate understanding of the tool in order to ensure that it functions as intended.  

Our ProAdvisors will design and customize your QBO file based on your specific business requirements correctly the first time - saving hours of your time (and frustration).

Re-Configuration & Tune-Up Services

Intuit updates QBO on a regular basis by improving existing functionality and adding new functionality.

Our ProAdvisors keep current with the latest updates developed by Intuit.  Whether you need to fix an existing problems and/or enhance your current experience, our ProAdvisors will put QBO to work for you.

Training Services

Rockland Pros offers a variety of QBO training opportunities, including self-directed (e.g., webinars, online tutorials and videos), group sessions (e.g., seminars, workshops), and one-on-one sessions.