Virtual Tax Preparation Services

In light of the COVID-19 virus and in response to the declarations and mandates from the Federal, State and local government agencies, Rockland Pros is promoting our "Virtual Tax Preparation Services"...

No in-person contact required - 100% "Social Distance" compliant!

Virtual Tax Preparation Services


Obtaining Your Tax Information

We have several methods to obtain you tax information…

1.  E-mail:  Our e-mail is encrypted through G-Suite, which is Google’s business platform.

2. Cloud Storage:  Clients can upload their tax documents to cloud storage (e.g., Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox) and grant us access to the folder with their 2019 tax information.

3. Physical Mailbox:  We still have access to our physical mailbox.  Although we cannot conduct a meeting in the office, the materials can be physically dropped off to us.

4.  Fax:  It's true... they still exists.  Many government agencies only accept snail mail or fax (no e-mail), so we have the ability to receive (and send) by way of fax.

5.  Snail Mail:  For those who would like to send us their tax information by postal mail (the old-fashioned way), that method still works.  [Note:  Be sure to make copies of every document you send us.  Mail still get’s lost in transit, so you don’t want to lose the only copies of your tax info as a result of a courier.]

Conducting Appointments/Meetings

For the health and safety of everyone, the following solutions are available to conduct "virtual" meetings...

1.  Web-Based Meetings:   We have technology that enables us to share our screen with you, providing the same experience that you would have in our office on the "big screen"... only displayed through your computer screen and in the comfort (and safety) of your own home.

2.  Conference Calls:   For those who are not comfortable with technology, in general, we can provide you with a draft of your tax return and review it by phone. 

Filing Your Income Tax Returns

The final steps in the process...

1.  Authorization Forms:  We have technology that will enable us to send you documents and obtain legal signatures electronically.  You’ll receive an e-mail with the documents to sign, click on a link in your e-mail, then follow the prompts.

2.  Income Tax Returns:  We provide you with a copy of your income tax returns electronically.  For those who would like a hard (paper) copy and/or our infamous flash drives (with all of your tax information organized on it), we’ll coordinate with you to you get these materials to you.  (This also includes returning any physical documents that you provide to us.)

3.  Payment:  We will send you an invoice via e-mail with a link to a secure website to pay through an electronic check (i.e., your bank routing and account numbers).  Alternatively, you can pay through Chase QuickPay, Zelle or Venmo.